Why do custom shows cost more than other stock shows?

Custom shows are more costly because of the value, effectiveness, and time put into the design of a show, written for your band only. What you are ordering is a contracted service by a team of successful seasoned designers who bring an array of experience in all areas. Your show is totally unique to any other shows. You are not ordering a packaged show that has already been designed and sold. You are not ordering from a company who is claiming ‘regional protection’ for a new product so other schools will not perform the same show at the same competition. You are ordering a product that is exclusive to your program that will highlight your program’s strengths. Both custom shows and custom adaptations are designed to meet your band’s specific talents, size, and instrumentation. Contracting the same services from competitors or individual designers usually holds a much higher price tag, without the same track record of success to back it up. Pulse Productions is a special company that eliminates the hassle of marching band preparation, but creates an environment of creativity, excitement, and enthusiasm within your marching program. 
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Custom Marching Show