Moods of Insanity

Indoor Drumline Show

This indoor drum line show, featuring original music, will captivate your audience - telling the story of one's dark walk along the line between sane and insane... The show begins in a dreamlike state that is soon saturated by paranoia. Everyday contentment will change as the listener hears patterns moving around key centers while the pervasive hypnotic melody makes the individual feel uneasy. Who is there? What is around the next corner? This struggle takes a toll on the individual as they begin to reflect on the loneliness. The melancholy rhythms and ambiguous front ensemble sounds of chimes indicate that the passing time creates anxiety and despair. But soon, many different melodies and themes creep in, and begin to taunt the soul and weave a web around the delicate musical fabric. Before long, the show's climax will build to the individual's inevitable final battle for sanity - and for life in this world. Students and fans alike will be entranced by this journey through the Moods of Insanity.

Scholastic A / B

Custom Musical Adaptation



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