Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra

This isn't your granddaddy's 'Young Person's Guide'! Pulse Productions has taken a creative approach to this old standard by treating it more like a guide to orchestral classics. Using the main motifs of the Benjamin Britten work as the glue, themes and segments from many orchestral favorites are put together to make this show an enjoyable one for audiences, judges, and students alike. The show is in three parts - Overtures, Interludes, and Finales. The opening 'Overtures' pieces features portions of numerous familiar overtures, but mostly Glinka's Russlan & Ludmilla Overture and Mozart's Marriage of Figaro Overture. The 'Interludes' segment allows for a nice soloist moment in the beginning and moves to a unique percussion feature.  The 'Finales' part of the show moves seamlessly between the memorable ending fugue of the Britten piece, to quotes of other infamous finales, and returns back to Britten to wrap up this classical whirlwind in a grand orchestral finish!


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